Founded in 2016 by Rebecca Rhodes-Evans. Rock My Bowl is a boutique catering company. Specialising in creating bespoke menus for intimate and larger gatherings.

“When I became a mum it became even more obvious to me how important this first meal of the day is. Sometimes, juggling everything meant that I wouldn't eat my lunch until almost dinner time so my breakfast had to be substantial and filling but, most importantly, delicious! As a regular exerciser I have always been interested in food as fuel and I have spent a lot of time understanding how to give your body the nourishment and nutrients it needs to function. All too often these foods can be bland when there is so much around to make it sensational”

Three years on we have been privileged to cater private events for Instagram, Pinterest, Liberty, Browns Fashion, Tommy Hilfiger, Elemis, WeWork to name a few and have built great relationships, Often working with them on a regular basis. We’ve also collaborated with some amazing brands and like minded creatives with the aim of bringing you the absolute best experience possible.

We are known for our knowledge and use of seasonal ingredients working with each client to create menus and styling to suit their brief. Rock My Bowl’s food is unfussy, nourishing and beautifully presented. Our tables are always the focal point for any event, lovingly curated by our small team for your guests to gravitate towards, discuss and enjoy. Making them perfect for any event large or small.


Image by Emily Gray photography